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If it wasn't a datsun it would be scrap 2


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25 minutes ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

What the actual fuck is up with that interior?




Not Gangsta. More like Pimpmobile...




You'll soon get rid of the steering wheel.

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On 9/19/2021 at 9:46 PM, 78kingcab said:

What up yo long time .. what's it been 10 years ..  fucking retirement is lame .. 




I tried to be retired lol it hasnt taken. good to see some of the old guard still rockin and rollin

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Motor in ,runs like crap of course so just gonna avoid the trying to get it right and I  put a new Weber 38/38 .. so runs great now but started puking oil out and alot . I was unsure of my work after losing oil and got discouraged but after inspection it was not my gaskit work that leaked. In fact I was shocked to find the oil sending unit was the problem. The end where I stuffed the wire on had a hole and was just pumping out like it was drilled out or maybe for a Manuel gauge. Any way it's Kool now. Lol


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Posted (edited)

Well the old skol (to me) wheels just didn't seem like they fit my style I wanted so sence I have 8 titan wheels ready to go this happened.. and I had the hub bored out so they fit nice


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