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If it wasn't a datsun it would be scrap 2


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So after a 10 year break from the datsun life I have slowly returned with somewhat a familiar story ... So I searched for months and found this pretty much rust free 79 sitting in a barn for 13 yrs.. I thought hell yeah a barn find.. and I got it home.. let's start there... Now if I can post some pics20180504_204110.thumb.jpg.7f8df05c16461f81beae675d8679a7c8.jpg

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So on my way home my great find went from great to barn finds suck. Motor started dumping smoke out so bad I got pulled over but then found that I have no breaks and no gauges work and we'll I got it home.. so compression check said motor was done,, breaks have muilti problems so time to find parts and dig out my old datsun parts..  let's see where to start.... I know one thing I'm too old and fat to be doing this stuff but I always wanted to do a gangster lowrider style datto and that's where I'll start... 

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Barn find are meant to be gently brought back to life, not thrown into the  front lines of battle. I wonder if some of the damage could have been avoided if you were able to trailer it home and then get it running over a few days time.


13 years is a long time to sit and then be expected to hit the road.

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Well I'm sure the break parts but the motor was toast the rings were all over the place and highest compression one was 115 psi and a lowest of 55 and the jimmi rigs all over this thing.. it's far from my first rodeo... And yes most of the electrical was easy cleaning thing.. but as for driving it home the 3 miles I don't think I hurt anything infact it helped find the start spots... I bought it as a guy had it in his barn for 13 yrs and did the head and suspension work so it was supposed to be a runner... So yeah I feel as I overpaid for this bucket but it's growing on me... Ok so back to the story

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A '78 with rims that are 10 years newer hardly seems 'old school'. Old school would be Cragars or slots. Hey welcome back.




14 hours ago, 78kingcab said:

and I got it home.. let's start there... Now if I can post some pics20180504_204110.thumb.jpg.7f8df05c16461f81beae675d8679a7c8.jpg20180504_204110.thumb.jpg.7f8df05c16461f81beae675d8679a7c8.jpg20180504_204110.thumb.jpg.7f8df05c16461f81beae675d8679a7c8.jpg



14 hours ago, 78kingcab said:


3 of the same and two more the same on the next post. I love it.

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3 miles isn't bad. I figured it was more.


I had a '38 Ford 1.5 ton truck for sale a few years ago, and a guy called and asked if I thought it could make the trip from NorCal to Phoenix. He wanted to drive a 75 year old truck the whole 800 miles. I told him he was nuts. He did not buy the truck...

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