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Newly 620 owner

Bee Finn

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Hi all, new to the forum and the Datsun community. I am near St. Louis, MO location and I have just inherited my great grandfather's 4S manual '73 620. Very excited to get this thing going. It's been sitting for awhile but drivetrain still good. All parts are original and OEM (except wheels, mirrors, and bed/cab rack).


Plan is to replace or upgrade to electric fuel pump, rebuild or upgrade to weber carb, and drop fuel tank to clean out.


As for brakes, replace master cylinder, and each wheel cylinder.


I'm totally new to these older vehicles but I look forward to the fun.


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Nothing wrong with the mechanical pump, keep it simple, don't start fixing things that aren't broke. Be sure to replace fuel filter after the tank is cleaned and again a few months later to be sure.


GL-4 transmission and steering gear oil in 90w

GL-5 gear oil for the differential.


Grease the king pins, steering ball joints and all U joints if they have fittings.


I would avoid commercial oil made for today's cars that have reduced ZDDP zinc anti scuff additives and on your next oil change use a 'light' diesel oil such are Shell Rotella T4 in 10w30. Always replace the filter but NOT with a fram. WIX or NAPA Gold are still good but fram are crap quality. Avoid synthetic oils on an old Datsun as they tend to leak past old seals and gaskets. Not worth the money and you'll never use the added protection.


Drain and flush the cooling system (with heater ON) after inspecting all hoses for damage or softness. Fill with a 50/50 mix of distilled water and a quality anti freeze.


DOT 3 brake fluid but you can run DOT4 if you like.



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