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720 ka engine combination

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Never heard of using DE pistons in a Z24. Have you checked that the pin height is the same as the Z24??? KA24E and KA24DE don't use the same rods. The DE may use a longer or shorter rod???



KA24E have been done many times because both have the same pin height of 34mm. The E pistons produce a 9.5 compression. The DE would be just a hair above the stock Z24 of 8.25. Just what are you after???

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Ok, trying not to sound like a know-it-all here, but you've said you don't want to grind reliefs in the pistons twice now, but haven't acknowledged any of the replies. Have you done any engine math? Have you compared pin heights?


I honestly don't remember if the pin heights are even close, but I do believe it's possible.


Do you have your Z24 apart? Do you have a KA piston? Buy one, and take the rod/piston out of the Z24, then take some measurements and do some math.

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