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521 Rear Bump Stop


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If you’re keeping factory ride height and need to replace your factory rear bump stops, the Daystar KU09016BK fit.  I got mine from Amazon used (?) for $40.  I figured the only reason they could be used was someone bought them and they didn’t fit.  Sure enough, they were brand new.  They fit into the two bolt holes on the frame rail itself, leaving the third offset bolt hole unused.  The end of the pad fits perfectly onto the plate mounted on the factory axle of my ‘72 521.  Their mounting plate is flat and does not exactly match the curvature of the original figure 8 pad, but they may after a few energetic rebounds.  


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3 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:



Check out Neil's 521 thread " a 521 in Massachussetttssssesss". He went through that and I wonder if you and he chose the same bumpstop.

Yes... I did.... 

I actually used a couple wrenches and was able to put a slight bend in the mounting plate to match the curvature....

I also slotted the holes to shift them slightly sideways to center it on the frame rail and ground some clearance in the rubber so I could use a socket to tighten....

Those ones are good because they actually have a couple different height options with the same mounting plate..... 




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