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Carburetor choices


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 I’m looking at a Chinese Weber knockoff fo my 79. L20b as I can’t afford the real thing. Anybody tried and had any luck with them or should I get a kit to rebuild the stock carb and just suffer with all the vacuum lines?

and did these motors have a manual choke because it looks like the po made a homemade cruise control pull cable that’s mounted to the emergency brake handle bracket.


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Start saving up for a genuine one. There are only vacuum advance and EGR ported vacuum hoses on the Hitachi and the Weber will have a vacuum advance so all you are loosing is the EGR. The hose hose can simply be pulled off the Hitachi to disable the EGR.


A good rebuild kit is $30 but the only thing that wears out is the accelerator pump. Gaskets almost always come off clean and can be reused. Dirt is the most common problem and out of adjustment second. A good kit should have instructions for setting float drop, choke unloader, choke settings and fast idle.


They all have electric chokes since about '72. Electric are the way to go but previous owners may have fucked it up and put in a manual. Does this cable go to the carburetor?

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8 hours ago, Rick-rat said:

 There is nothing wrong with a manual choke, which I prefer . My  73 620 with a Hitachi did not have an electric choke




My '71 521 had manual but I think that was the last year before electric. All others Datsuns I have had were electric and I got used to not having to do anything when starting cold. Electric chokes are a pollution reducing and mileage increasing device.


The 620 must have had the carb swapped. There is no choke knob on the dash for them. I have the '73 FSM and it shows electric choke.  

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Whether or not you go with a knock off or authentic Weber, read through the thread I am linking for some really helpful information regarding installation and setting up. In the thread there is a video I posted that is really informative and thorough for tuning. Also, keep the throttle cable linkage from the Hitachi to install on the Weber and save yourself a lot of headache by looking into the one piece adapter I mention in the thread. Since you have a L20 you would need a low profile air filter for the Weber.



Here is a picture of the Hitachi throttle cable linkage on the Weber



One piece adapter installed


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