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KA24e Distributor conversion to non computer


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Hi guys and gals, I'm converting to a " manual" distributor.

At the end of the video I'm asking some questions about how to wire it.

So if you want to skip to near the end please do so and comment.

Thanks, Tim



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 External ballast ignitions stopped after '77. This is when the EI (electronic ignition) was introduced. Without points holding everything back, coils could be made with a resistance of just under one ohm which allowed a higher current through them, making a denser magnetic field producing a hotter spark. So NO, all from '78 on did not have an added internal resistance in the coil or anywhere else.


To be clear I know of no Datsun or Nissan that ever came with an internally ballasted coil. The Z22 coils would have a primary resistance of around 1 ohm.

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