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where to get hot wire for electric fuel pump?


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1982 datsun 720 z22


my mechanical fuel pump stopped working, it was the 3rd one i have put on since owning the truck, going to give the electric pump a try. and none of the parts places sells a mechanical anymore noway. 


my truck is at my brothers near where it broke down and i cant look at it right now, does the fuse box have a place to get power from? if not where is best place to find a keyed hot wire to connect to?

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You will also want a regulator, the diaphrams in the Mr gasket ones leak so don't use those. I recommend the small Edelbrock pump and an Edelbrock regulator. If you set up a fender fuse block thats a great place for a hot wire or setup a new relay that turns on with the key switch. You can then kick over the relay and take the amps off the battery instead of drawing all the amps off the hot wire just use the hot wire to kick over a relay. If a Weber carb your gonna want like 3.5-4 psi in my experiance but play with it a little

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Also mount your electric pump right under the fuel tank or right next to it, they push they don't pull. 


Edit-make sure you have a return line setup off your regulator to keep your pump alive

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The 3rd fuse from the left hand side is used only for the rear window defogger. I don't know if you have one but you could tap into it or anything up to fuse #7. These are all turned on and off with the ignition.


Mount as close and as low to the tank as you can. Use an inline filter before the pump to keep trash out.

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Charley69, do you maybe know if the electric fuel pump is a flow-on-fail pump? By flow-on-fail I'm talking about if by chance the pump fails to work does it let fuel flow through anyway? Most people don't know what flow-on-fail is as it isn't a very common term. I have a 1994 Chevy pickup with a diesel motor that has an electric pump as a stock item, and it takes a flow-on-fail type of electric fuel pump. The fuel pump on the IP can just barely pump the fuel needed, so it needs an extra low pressure electric fuel pump. If it is flow-on-fail it can be a back up pump for me.


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