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How to get door switch to control dome light...

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I have a dome light that has power going to it... the click switch works, but i cant get the door switch to turn the light on.

the passenger door switch is good, the drivers side is in need of replacing... and is now out... shouldnt the passenger side door when open make the dome light go on??

does the drivers side need to be grounded? i tried doing that and no difference.. what do i need to do to get the switch to make the light go on?? what am i missing here?


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The door switches just grounds the interior light and turns it on. Clean the contacts if you can. I've just flicked the switch on and off a few dozen times and it cleans the contacts.


Does the interior light have a switch on it that keeps it off even if the door is opened?

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ok...  lets try this.  --  i have a door pin switch with 3 black wires ( rusty ) new switch coming..  i have a passenger side switch (ok )

dome light - i fixed click switch and have new led in there.  the  door pin switch is out and rusty  - not grounded to car right now.  

all doors open..  dome light is off ( should be on ).  when i click the button on dome light it comes on as it should... then click it off.   but i am assuming the light should be on as the doors are open... what do i do now? should any power be on the 3 black drivers door switch wires or they are all only grounds??

why wont passenger door switch make light go on? is it connected to drivers?

i get power to the dome light its just not being grounded by the door pins switches...



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You already have a post on this same thing...

Power goes to the interior light. There's a switch there that provides a ground to turn it on by hand. There should be a wire to each door with a push button switch to ground when door is opened. The driver's door switch has an extra wire going to the key in the ignition switch which when grounded with the key in the ignition, will turn on the warning chime. Each door switch will have a ground wire.




Top wire is probably ground. The other two are the interior light and the ignition warning chime.


Get a $4 12v test light. Ground the alligator clip and touch the other two wires. One will light up with power from the interior light. Clean the contact points, not hard to see what touches what when the door is opened.



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Have you pulled up a wiring diagram for your vehicle?  We can help you learn to read it if you aren't familiar with them.  That will give you the best starting point for figuring out what is going with your system. The important thing that can be confusing with Datsuns is that they are ground switched.  The power goes through the light socket THEN to the switches, which will ground the system.  That is backward to what most people are used to.



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