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Weber 32/36 stud spacing issue on L18


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Hello! I've read a lot of great info here but haven't found the answer to an issue I just had an hour ago. I bought a weber carb kit and it came with an adapter plate. It looks different than the ones I've seen posted here and on YouTube, where mine only has 2 hex bolts that mount it to the original threads in the intake manifold. 2 of the studs thread into the adapter only (the side closer to the valve cover), and 2 go through the adapter and into the intake manifolds original threaded locations. These two are closer to each other than the others, and do not line up with the holes on the weber. I can't flip/rotate anything to make it work any other way. it is like this adapter does not match the weber, but does fit on my manifold... I'm lost on what to do now. I've contacted the person I purchased it from and hope to hear back but he has never seen this before. 


Here are 3 photos that hopefully show what I'm trying to explain. note: the third photo shows the throttle cable bracket (yes, I know it goes above the carb, but it goes on the same studs so I wanted to show that it too has wider spacing than the adapter plate). Thanks!



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That sucks.


Either the adapter is wrong, or the carb. I doubt it is the carb, but it wouldn't be the first time a manufacturer drilled something wrong.


Does anyone have a carb handy to measure?


EDIT -  I just noticed that the linkage plate is off too, so it ain't the carb. Get a new adapter and make sure the supplier knows it's for a 32/36 DGV.

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With the current orientation of the adapter the studs near the valve cover are correct, and fit the carb no matter which way I turn it. The ones on the right (original hitachi bolt spacing) are too close together. It’s strange to have an adapter plate that matches my engine but not the carb it came with...

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Update: had an idea after staring at the photos that there are two types of studs. It started looking like one set was slightly more narrow, and yep. I needed to swap the studs on the left with the ones on the right. The carb can now just scrape by the threads. The center of the studs does not line up with the center of the mounting holes on the carb, but they can get through now. 

thanks for the replies, and sorry for being a dummy!

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