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Help! 73 620


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59 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

I broke the knob off the back the interlocking clips hold.

This. ^ . In my case no doubt was doing it wrong. I may have had a stroke of luck however, assuming a 73 620 has the same adjusters as a 77 620 I went to a yard near me thats known for having older stuff and they had  a 620 in it. drum was stuck and they were closing so Im going back with some spray and baby sledge in the morning.  @bilzbobagginsgreat tip! plan B..Your way is how it probably should have been made to begin with.


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Where are you at? I'm just a little west of I-5 where the new Love's truck stop just north of Albany is at. 


What datzenmike is getting at is there are right and left hand threads. Make sure you get the correct thread.



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I was thinking that a left could be used on the right side if turned around facing to the front, but then the star wheel adjuster would adjust backwards. Doesn't mean you couldn't just that you would lever the adjuster the opposite direction on the one side.


Yes there are L&R adjuster screws and mating star wheels so this can only mean L&R threads. 

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