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The not a show blue lake Datsun/Nissan show


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The not blue lake show at blue lake will be happening on our normal show day.  August 8th. Blue lake. We will not have food or awards. This is not a official show as the park will not allow us to reserve our space, but more of a gathering.  We will raffle off some door prizes and sell tickets for a raffle.  10:00 is when the gathering will start. This is not a official show, but at least a way to still have a show.  Bring your Nissan your Datsun even your Infiniti. Let’s have fun just hanging out and looking at cars.  Just come have some fun and look at cars. I will post more info soon. 


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This Sunday the 8th, see those that show up there at 10 am. We will have some door prizes, and someone may be there selling diecast. We will not have food or drinks, and no awards.  But we will do a raffle and just have a good time looking at cars!

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We had about 24-30 cars as Some left before I could count, we were there from 10am-1pm as people were leaving between 12:30-1.  Was not bad, we gave out free hotwheels and had some good conversations.  Was nice to at least have a little get together, but the Park decided to Rope off and close our normal area, so we had to park near the front of the Park, so I know some may of missed as as driving in.   I brought my 92 Se-r and was shocked someone else came in one. Lots of 510's, but I didnt see a darn 620, and I had some 620 stuff to sell. 

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