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Datsun 521 Project


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On 8/15/2021 at 2:20 PM, njp.18 said:

It looks like I am missing the e brake return springs on both of my rear brakes. Do you know what they connect to so I could get an idea on how long they would have to be in case I can find some at a hardware store. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10uzYaIfTb0IQAAa9t6K-MSKY85dF0XaBnEjJGIqq_20/edit?usp=sharing

So this is what they look like..

Yes I have a pair of them....

I was trying to keep it together with the other brake hardware but if your really in need I'll send them to you...


These are the actual dimensions..

Inside 11/32

Outside.  15/32

Length.  5- 1/4

Good luck... private message me if you cant find a suitable replacement.....


*Technical difficulties on the pic*

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Hey guys, I was wondering what the difference would look like if I put a 15x6 wheel with a 3.75 backspace on my 521 vs a 15x7 wheel with a 4 inch backspace. I know the less backspacing the wheel has, the more the tire will stick out but my 521 has the stock 14x6's on it with 195 75 r14's and I don't know the stock offset/backspacing. It looks like that set up is almost identical to if I were to I put 195 70 r15s on it but I'm not sure about whether I should get 15x6 or the 15x7 because of the backspacing differences. My truck sits basically stock with a 1inch lowering drop block in the back.

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