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Drivetrain size for 1972 620


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Hi everyone 

I recently had my drivetrain fall apart on me and I’m curious if anyone knows what size is needed for my car. I drive a 72 620 and It’s the rear end of after the center bearing.

Both flanges right before the differential are damaged and I’m not too sure what would work. Or if this can even be fixed

I know some of the old Zs have the same parts. But which ones are compatible is beyond my knowledge. 

The length from flange to flange is 80cm

and the length for just the center part (where the flanges are welded on) is 78cm


Ive looked online but nothing looks compatible. 

found this online but the flange on both ends are mounted with screws. It’s also meant for 240,260,280 Zs. Would this work? 



please help


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Look in your area for a drive line service shop. Have them check the flanges they can tell you if they are unusable.

Couple years ago I had a Camaro drive shaft modified, flange changed to a different U joint and the length shortened it was much cheaper than I expected.


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Didn't you already start a post about your driveshaft problem???....


Why not add to that? Or change the title on the old post?? The trouble with a double post is someone will answer one but not know about the other and there is duplication of effort. Answering something that has already been answered or unaware of one of your questions.

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