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91 KA24DE inside a 620, need help sourcing a quality timing chain kit and oil pump.

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1974 620 with a 91 KA24de out of a 240sx. 

I was resealing the oil pan and I steered a bolt off that goes into the oil pump. I tried to solve this problem but I completely screwed the pooch.  Did some research and I'm decided since I do not know mileage on the motor, the best thing to do is,  timing chain, water pump and oil pump, and valve cover gasket all at the same time. Which is everything on the outside of the motor besides the Starter and alternator. 

The only question I have at this point is, what is a quality timing chain kit and oil pump. OEM is possible for the timing chain kit but I'm very worried about buying a low quality oil pump. And OEM oil pumps seem to be sold out. 

Furthermore Amazon has a laundry list of them but I dont trust any amazon seller . At all. 


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The oil pan bolts won't go into the oil pump. If one is sheared off the ones on either side will seal the oil pan gasket.


23 minutes ago, BlueBullet620 said:



My oil pressure is fine but as I don't know the mileage or age of anything on the motor I might as well if I'm taking the cover off.


Everything on the engine is unknown but it isn't getting replaced.

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With the sheered bolt , I tried to tap a new one and tremendously fucked it up. The hoke I drilled and tapped is very crooked.  Inexperience mixed with trying to "just get it done"


. I'm replacing everything I can short of the breaking open the block.


Relatively cheap insurance and fits my budget.


It's not going to be a race truck or anything special. Just something I can reliably drive hard at stock power levels.



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The issue was that it was leaking from the oil pan before I screwed everything up.


So I want the motor to be in better condition than when I started. I dont want to skip a bolt. As it putting a weak point in the system.


While JB weld could work I want to do it "right".




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