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What is this engine mount thingy and why can't I just throw it away?


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So there is this funky rubber bumper bracket thingy that goes between the 'engine mounting insulator' and the 'engine mount bracket', on a 1983 280zx 2+2 NA.  Nissan parts lists it as a 'engine mounting rubber stopper' (see diagram below).   I looked everywhere online already.  What the hell is this thing and what is it supposed to do?    It must have a reason for existing, Nissan wouldn't have done it for no reason.  The only thing I can figure is that if the isolators fail, this keeps the engine from sliding off, like a backup or something.  Installing the engine mount bolts is a major pain because this thing gets in the way of the bolts/nuts/tools during installation.  What happens if I just throw these away and mount the engine brackets directly to the engine mounting isolaters?












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The rubber isolators are exceptionally tall. The taller they are the more it will lean forward when braking and lean to the rear when accelerating. Normally it only has to resist rocking side to side not a shearing movement. Transmission mount isolator is the same. Forward and backward motion would not be good for it.


The differential in the zx is solidly mounted, well, slightly rubberized to isolate vibration and noise so the driveshaft is also 'solidly' mounted to it. This leaves the engine, a much heavier six cylinder, and transmission, perhaps 400+ pounds??? prone to longitudinal shifting when changing speed. (think turbo and hammering the gears) This would cause the transmission main shaft spline to be forced to slide forward and back in the driveshaft spline. Forward movement of the engine might also shove the fan blades into the radiator.


Stopper is the word. From it's position it can only 'stop' movement forward or rearward. Nissan may have screwed up the frame or the engine bracket lengths and had to run a taller rubber isolator, saw the problem and added the stopper.


Like you said the engineers seldom do something for nothing even if it isn't clear to us what something is for. I would leave them alone. It may be a pain but it's not like you take the engine out every month or so.

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I can tell you the early mounts without those can rotate frighteningly far if the transmission isn't there to stop rotation.


Freaked me out when I realized what was happening. 


Interesting solution. 

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