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Gents, I need some expert advise. I have no power to the starter and it's brand new. (the last one lost its return spring tension and it got chewed up by thr flywheel, it also did not have power). I am aware that there is no relay from the ignition to the starter. From what I can see it looks like the starter is wired directly to the ignition. My ignition is also new. 72 510 4 door, L18, 5 speed and what looks like an automatic engine bay harness that I bought for 30 bucks. I have extra wires that go to the neutral safety switch which are currently not being used. The 2 problems/solutions I can think of is:

1). Attach a neutral safety switch (because of automatic harness) 

2). Drop of voltage to starter, buy hotwire relay kit. 


A part of me wants to replace the entire harness for an updated one from painless (I have done this to my 69 Cobra) but it's extremely time consuming. 


Your thoughts and/or advice is deeply appreciated. 


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43 minutes ago, five10 said:

Gents, I need some expert advise. I have no power to the starter and it's brand new.


What you mean is you have no start signal to the starter from the ignition switch?


26 minutes ago, five10 said:

I believe this goes to the neutral safety switch on an automatic transmission 



The start signal from the ignition switch travels down the Black/Yellow wire to the automatic interlock switch and out the other Yellow/Black wire to the starter. Just cut the two Yellow/Black wires and crimp them together and the start signal will now pass to the starter.


The other pair of wires are for your back up lights. They should connect to the reverse switch on your 4 speed transmission.





24 minutes ago, five10 said:

Here is the second coil



This looks like the stock 510 coil and ballast resister. The green lettering probably says must use an external ballast resister or something like that.


27 minutes ago, five10 said:

Coil. This was in the car already and it is missing a wire from somewhere. There is a second coil that came with the car but the plugs don't match up. 



This one looks similar. Can you post a picture of your distributor? with the cap off??

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