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How does horn connect to relay??

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74 260z.   wires going to the horn relay i have 3 wires.. the green/red has constant power but non of the other 2 do anything when the horn is pressed.... whats going on here? is this correct or wrong?


i hear no clicking.... is green on middle or end as shown two different things in fsm. 


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Make a jumper wire and connect the Green/Red to the Green/Black wire. Horn should sound. If not the horns are not connected or they are bad.


 If horn sounds, get a length of wire an connect the Green/Black to ground and your horns should work. If the don't the relay is bad.


If horn works then the horn button isn't grounding properly, try pounding the horn button 40-50 times. It's a contact switch to ground and can get corroded. Working the button will clean and polish the contacts.

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ok... got it... a few more questions..

1. does the relay need to be solidly grounded to work? its way up there and grounding it is hard...

2. horn button is on after market steering wheel.. should there be any power coming off horn button or not? as its just a ground...

3. i had power to 2 of the wires when connected to the relay.. should there be constant power to 1 or 2 of the wires on relay..??



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