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Powerland III PNW 6-11/12 2022!


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As promised! Here we go again. June 11/12 22 with Friday camping...This year was awkward due to what we all went through and a lot of folks simply weren't ready (cars apart, didn't think it was going to happen some weather on Sunday etc) but the vehicle turn out was still pretty good, the swap TRIPLED and many of us including me still came even though no car/truck and were still able to see friends and keep the spirit of the thing alive and strong! This up coming year is going to be same as before with only 1 small change POSSIBLY in the works. We had a visit from a group of early Toyota guys out of Norcal and they had some amazing rides, they didn't bring the cars in as its billeted as a Datsun only  event. what is everyone's opinion on allowing other vintage Japanese 86 and older in. They of course would be parking separate from the Datsuns while still sharing in the fun of PWRLND.

Thoughts? Opinions? Pros/cons please.


Also, building caravans from north and south..hit me in a PM if youd like to join in on that. May start a thread on that sometime between now and the date if the interest is there.


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I have mixed feelings on it. If the Toyota's come out in force and the meet turns into a mostly Toyota meet.. then you'll have some unhappy Datsun owners. I don't mind mixing in a few Toyotas.. but there are plenty of other meets for them to enjoy. Including Old School reunion and Kickin' it old school that happens this very same weekend.

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3 hours ago, Farmer said:

I know this ain't Canby but thats what was nice about it, an All datsun meet!   I like all mini trucks though so.... Just decide where you want to take Powerland

Yeah, I feel like this isnt my show, I feel like this is OUR show..I feel the best way to make sure it continues to be what we want is by surveying. I lean toward all Datsun also but  dont want to limit the potential if most wanted to diversify the show. Seems a lot of shows have gone that way and have grown because of it. I know the venue would like more people in and because of that I havent really discussed this subject with them. wanted to ask you guys first.


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maybe have a second show during the summer designed around the same idea but be mixed makes, it's nice having the purely datsun event


and since we aren't in all the communities who knows how the camping would go with the other makes involved. this way we can possibly keep the all datsun meet if the other one is a complete flop and they don't want those guys to return

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I appreciate the feedback! Yeah, It was a thought a few brought up in conversation after the TY guys were headed for OSR and decided to just stay at Powerland instead. I really wanted to weigh it out here. My $.02, I like the idea of keeping the Canby inspired thing going.  

Man it was great to see you @hobospyder this year!

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Undercooked chicken
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This event will get bigger, huge potential here! The first year and this year were a bit lower due to transition away from Canby, covid, rain. 2022 will see some growth for sure. Especially if we all mention it to our Datsun friends way in advanced. 

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1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

Powerland 22'


Powerland 22 feet???? Is that like 11 people? Wut?


Or 22 (or more) amputees...


That's just how they roll.

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2 hours ago, mrbigtanker said:

I have a Dodge Ram now. I feel so gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.lol

I’ve had a Ram with a Cummins and 6 speed manual since 2001. Bought it new. 140,000 miles of Cummins diesel goodness.


 I don’t feel gay.


All loaded and going racing, camper, food, water, fuel, tools and spares, and of course the Z, grossed out at 21,500lbs and getting 18 miles to the gallon.


Goin' Racin'



It’s my Powerwagon.



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