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A 1978 280Z for sale $4500 Boise Idaho


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Hello, I am neither a big Z car fan, nor do I know the seller. I am passing the info along, in hope that it might be a "gem in the rough" for someone, who adores the Z's.


The ad is located on Nextdoor, a neighborhood website; supposedly, only those in certain "neighborhoods" are allow to view postings. I contacted the seller and acquired permission to list the information here.


The text of the ad, is as follows: "Datsun 1978 280Z - Had been sitting in garage for over 30 years - Has over 140,000 and doesn't run - $4500" Seller's contact email ishlenington@hotmail.com  

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If it were a simple fix to get running it probably wouldn't have been put in a garage in the first place. It does have one good thing going for it.... it's an S30 and still looks like a Z. The ZX looks like an old man's car. '78 was the last year for the 280z. Without more info it looks like a solid body to start with. If kept in a garage it may have escaped many of the rust problems that plague the older Zs. Non running is too bad as you can't very well assess the steering, suspension, drive train, brakes, electrical. If you could drive it it might be worth more and the price asked might make it seem like a deal.


Pics of the interior.


Manual 4 or 5 speed or automatic.


Assume the tires are also 30 years old. So you'll need new rubber.

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