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74 260z horn relay location

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I have not been able to get horns to work - no power up to horn + power wire.. i have power on the button on steering wheel..  trying to find the greens going to the relay but can not locate them.. is this the relay that i have the red arrow???  this relay has no male spades on it.. only a black wire covering holding some wires that i cant see what thye are - the wires are burried behind other  relays and wire plugs...

fsm shows this as the horn relay....



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the horn button is most likely the switchable ground trigger for the relay. as it dont need a big wire to energise the relay. the relay contacts will be higher power for the horn to work.

so if you say the horn wire has 12volts then IM  not sure.


then maybe it would be more like a cig light circut were 12volt is on the socket all the time then you hit the cig lighter and it grounds. but to me thet is still a switchable ground type circut


lights on most 70s Jap cars are POWER is there all the time (on all 3 contacts)then a ground get put on the one of the 3 pronges and the lamp comes on

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Sounds right. There's 12v on the far end, comes through a relay coil and the horn button grounds it. This energizes the relay and closes the contacts sending power to the horns. You should hear the relay click when you use the horn button

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