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Battery exploded now truck won't run

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Ok I can't get it to fire. So I am safely assuming that the Petronix Set up is toast. So I will order one of those and hope that solves the issue. 

Then I get the joy of replacing the Petronix ignition. Any suggestions on where to order one from Hainz gave me a part number. 

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Ok got my new Petronix yesterday. So if I get off early enough today. I am going to attempt the switch to the new one. Hainz said to leave the old magnet in there if It is fine. I am ok with that. Less I have to screw with the better. So let you know what becomes if it. Hope it will run. If not it goes into the shop to get fixed. 

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Ok so new ignition in and it started, but minute I let go of the key it dies. Held the key for a second until starter started to grind and it ran again until I let go of the key....now what is up with it. ?

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Ok this is the wiring I have right now. Can you tell by looking if what I have is correct. I know it is tough to tell since it is kind of a rat nest. How can you tell if ballast is bad?


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Take the wires off the ballast.


Test the top one in the picture with a test lamp. It should light when the ignition is turned to ON.


Test the bottom wire in the picture. It should light when the ignition is turned to START.


Put the top wire back on the ballast. Put the test lamp on the bottom terminal of the ballast. It should light dimly when the ignition is turned to ON. I'm expecting that you will get nothing.

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Ok I tested as you said. The top wire tested bright when key is on. Also the lower ballast post was bright when I put the top wire back on the top. And when I put the lower wires back on the whole system lite up bright until I put the red coil wire back on then it went dim.. So I would assume that the ballast is ok since I am getting power to it when the only wire on it is the top one. 

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Got it running actually drove it. Seems to miss a bit. But nothing crazy.. Well thanks for all the help. I am sure I will be back. But again I do appreciate the help and patience. 

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