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OEM radio question


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I finally got a replacement dash. So I actually have a spot for an OEM or OEM style radio. 


I'm not finding anything OEM for a 521. If possible I really wanna use the stock hole if I can.


Are there any other cars that match up? And/or what have you all installed?

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Top Posters In This Topic

All fit:

Hitachi TM-701BA (used on 1967 411)
Hitachi TM-701B (used on 1971 510) 99993-00010
Hitachi TM-701BB (used on 1971 510)
Hitachi TM-701DB (used on 1971 510)
Hitachi TM-701R (used on 1965 1500 Roadster)
Hitachi TM-701RB (1973-76 620)
Hitachi TM-701RT (used on ???) AM 
Hitachi TM-701RS
Hitachi TM-401 (used on 1200) AM

Hitachi KMS-2501Z (used on 1971 521)



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9 hours ago, thisismatt said:

A lot of aftermarket had adjustable shafts. Are you looking for something more retro-mod?

Ya pretty much. I would like to use the stock hole if I can. Doesn't need to be original. 


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Are you looking to actually use a vintage radio for sound or just fill the hole? If you know any electronics techie types, I think it's possible to make the old radio function as the power & volume for a hidden aftermarket unit, stuffed into the glovebox, essentially just a remote switch.

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14 hours ago, thisismatt said:

But modern, like with Bluetooth, or more like 80's/90's era?

With Bluetooth if I can. I think I have a solution. I'll post up once I know for sure.

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On 6/21/2021 at 8:14 PM, Eomund said:

Thanks mate. Now if anyone knows after market that would work too I'll be set 



We have used a few Retrosound units in various classic cars, look good & work great for your basic good sound system!  You should be able to find dimensions on their website, cuz you will have to do that footwork...........they probably don't even know what a Datsun is!! 😆

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