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My 1985 Nissan 720 will not shut off when I turn my key off


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 Try punctuating your run on sentence to avoid confusion and more questions.



Have you replaced the alternator lately? Is there anything you have done to it lately??


When running try unplugging the plastic 2 wire plug from the back of the alternator. Does that shut it off?

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Lets go back to the beginning.



1/ This was working alright and then all of a sudden it wouldn't turn off???


2/ when you turn the ignition off and it keeps running can you use your turn signals?and do the dash gauges gas and temperature keep reading?

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Have you recently replaced or messed with the ignition switch??


The ignition side of the fuse box, that's the first 5 fuses on the left, are turned on and off with the ignition switch. The first fuse is for the exhaust side coil and the forth fuse is for your gauges and some other things. These are obviously still on when the switch is turned to off. I would say the ignition switch is at fault.

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Well it should. Battery power gets to the fuse box and the ignition coil(s) through the ignition switch.


Where was that relay you replaced???? Try unplugging it and see if that shuts it off.

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