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260Z banging/knocking under console armrest area

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I don't see anything obvious. Exhaust pipe may be rubbing something.


That's not under the console. That's back at the differential area. The sound may be traveling back up the driveshaft. Or be the driveshaft.


Lift the rear wheels and place in gear. Grip the driveshaft at the front U joint and try to shove side to side and up and down. The transmission may move slightly but over all it is on 'solid' rubber mounts. If there is wear in the U joint you will feel it in your hands. There should be no movement other than slight turning or rotational. Now do the rear U joint at the differential. It can turn but must not wiggle at right angles. 


Give the exhaust pipe a good hard shake in all directions. Does it hit anything?

Give the differential a good hard shake in all directions. It should have a rubbery but firm mounting to the body.



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A greas-able U joint is best.


The driveshaft and U joint should turn only. There should be zero movement or looseness in the joint itself. If you hold the differential end still and can wiggle the driveshaft that's not right.

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its  a 4 speed...  i cant really recall what happened..  we drove it a few times..  i drove around the block and at one point got stuck.. im not an expert manual driver..  maybe it was not fully in gear -  it was like i was revving it and was not going anywhere and it was going to die, so i put it in neutral to rev it... after that back in first and who knows what was going on.. i finnaly got back to the starting point.  when i got there i gave it a few revs in neutral and heard the knocking noise.. my pal never heard the knocking when he was driving but he may have been going faster. i was driving super slow...

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on my 240Z, about 10 years ago i noticed what sounded almost like an impact wrench when letting off the gas, in the rear of the car. did the U joints, and the needle bearings had disintegrated to rusty dust lol. it was very bad. i wish i had taken pics of it back then.

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why dont you jack up rear

go under there . leave in gear and move the rear wheel back and forst and see if you see any slop inbetween all the U joints/ then go to the other wheels also and go back and forth. and look. the fwd most u joint will be had to see.


I have never had a driveline u joint go bad all mine been halfshaft


z cars have a diff mount that wears out also. so if the U joints look good then itsw more or less that then. 


get a fat guy and bounce on rear of car ,maybe a strut cartridge gland nut is loose and bouncing

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U joints vibrate they don't bang. They can squeak and make pinging sounds when dry.

Loose exhaust pipe and muffler can bang the under side of the floor. You check and eliminate this yet????

Exhaust system on carburetor vehicles can have popping sound in exhaust pipe on deceleration.


Check lug nuts are tight




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