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Hope for America (as opposed to "destruction of")

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12 hours ago, datzenmike said:

I reject a world where children wonder "What are they going to do when the bad guys come?"


Refusing to realize truth is certainly an option, but a curious one. Why? Isn't it better to be prepared? Training eases concern, by recognizing a potential danger and developing a plan to neutralize it. I see it as risk probability vs severity. The probability of attack is low, but the severity of an attack that harms or endangers the family--I can think of no harm more severe. Before someone lectures on the silly statistics on guns in the home, "accidental shooting" and whatnot. Firearms are power. Parents afraid to punish their children equal to a potential misuse of that power, have no business expecting, compliance to artificial restrictions placed on that power. While I find any firearms regulation bad, restricting access to families with weak willed parents and strong willed children is tempting.

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