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510 engine wiring harness

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16 hours ago, islander said:

did not use the wires for the emission stuff, throttle wire or the dual points. Got a electronic ignition & a holley carb with throttle cable.Did not have to use a jumper wire for the neutral safety switch, think i have a manual wiring harness on the car.Still have the issue of the car starting in gear with clutch out (5 speed manual). Have not had time to look @ this yet but hope to fix it proper.ALL other electrical stuff is working great,Quite happy. took car in for wheel alinement on Thurseday,& got insurance. FIRST time in 30 YEARS, car has been on the road!!


As Hainz points out, ALL early cars of any make will start with the manual trans in gear...........the need to hold in clutch pedal was a Federally mandated rule that all automakers had to comply with...........my guess some time in the 80's.  All of today's manual cars, you must hold the clutch pedal down to start the car.  You mentioned the "clutch pedal switch" in an earlier post..........unplug it, remove it, whatever........it does nothing at this point & is not a switch to override the starting process.  Hope that clears that up!

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38 minutes ago, yenpit said:

clutch pedal switch" in an earlier post..........unplug it, remove it, whatever

My Toyotas have this SWITCH on the clutch pedal. Its has to be pushed to START. if one want to START w/o the pedal pushed in one removes the switch and then bypass using a JUMPER WIRE  inbetween the switch.



on Automatic TransCars and Trucks the Trans needs to be in PARK to start(it shorts inside the trans to be safe). So if a Automatic wire harness was installed this needs to be Jumper wired where the harness meets the trans. Otherwsie NO START.  Even if the car has a manual trans in there.

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yes, car will start in gear(manual trans). There is a switch on the clutch pedal,Same as on the brake pedal,but not hooked up. Do u know how to hook-up? or is this for something else?

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