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Carb Linkage Picture


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Just rebuilt the carb on my 71 521 (with replacement L-16) and took good pictures of all my jets and bleed valves pump etc. so it is back together BUT forgot to get good pictures of the linkages (choke & accel) before I disassembled, and as you probably know, every time something comes off another piece of linkage comes with it☺️  SO, I am looking for good carb pictures with the linkage visible.  It is quite a puzzle.  Any good pix on the forum that you can point me to?  If not, can someone pull their breather and get a couple of pix for me?  Be glad to return the favor.  I feel like an idiot.  You cannot take too many pictures when working with small parts.....

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Thanks for the diagram, and while it will help, I really need to see the linkage assembled and on the carb to figure out the geometry and where all the little bits fit together.  I'll probably fumble through it in time, just looking for a short-cut and visual verification.  BUT if you are serious about not needing your carb, I would love to buy it as a spare since I plan to keep the L-16 stock.  It is the original Hitachi.  PM or e-mail me if you are interested in selling your old carb.  roadsterdude1600@gmail.com 843-729-4996.

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Thanks for replies.  I did finally find a picture on-line that shows the linkage.  It is an ebay ad for a similar carb and has details from all angles.  The internet is a marvel, even though it sometimes a 2-edged sword.  Without groups like this most of my old cars would be in the scrap heap.  

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