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510 Brake question


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Hi everyone,  I have a '69 510 B-Sedan race car.  I'm currently running stock 510 front disks on the rear, and wonder if there are any other options that fit easily.  At some point, I'll switch back to drums to conform to some vintage groups' rules, but for right now, I'd just like to find something a little easier to get parts for.  I have to run 13" wheels, so a lot of alternatives won't work.




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Show how these are mounted.


The typical rear disk conversion involves either 81-83 280ZX rear calipers or 86-87 vintage Maxima rear calipers and 82 200SX rotors.  Not sure if these parts are still available, but look at these pages.






Who did you buy that car from?




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Depends really on what B-sedan will let you run... And clearing 13's makes it even harder!

What wheels are you running? 


I think the old BRE cars used a Porsche caliper, and I think there might be a Toyota caliper option if you need to stick with "production parts" 

If you can go aftermarket then the possibilities open up. But even then 13's are tight. I am running DP Racings 13" wheel kit, but so far they havent cleared any 13's I have tried... Supposedly they will clear original Panasports... In order to get them to clear AR Libres and the slots I have on the car right now I had to have a new caliper bracket made to shift the caliper in another couple mms and clearance is TIGHT!

As for the rears, I am running the Maxima/200sx using EDPs kit as linked above. The problem is the Maxima calipers are getting hard to find... and clearance is again very TIGHT on 13's! Cant run stick on wheel weights without them being strategically placed tight. 

I would check over on the Realm and see what anyone has to add over there - I would also check with Troy Ermish to see what he is running. He has a few brake kits on his site.

Also post up some photos of your car! I think we all like to see race cars!


Here are some photos of my set up.

As the car currently sits on 13" slots 



Front Clearance with no spacers - Stick on wheel weights will not clear between the barrel or caliper


Rear Clearance - Stick on wheel weights will not clear between the barrel or caliper



Here is a picture of the bracket I had made to pull the caliper inward a touch


DPs kit all spread out before install. 




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