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B210 63A into a B310

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Just found this B210 63A dogleg box for sale and I want to get for my B310. It’s currently running a 60 series 4 speed(car was originally an Auto). 
Would the B310 Auto driveshaft and crossmember work?

Would i be able the use the same clutch/pressure plate setup that’s in the 4 speed?

Also would my Speedo cable work?


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Regarding the clutch, you can cross reference part numbers on rockauto to see if they both use the same clutch. I believe the speedo would work if it's long enough and in correct position on the transmission.

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The B210 (including the 5 speed) and 210 (B310) both use the same 180mm pressure plate so as long as the spline on the 63A 5 speed is the same 21 tooth? the 210 clutch and PP should work. OR just buy a B-210 clutch disc for the 5 speed.


Assuming all the above works.... keep and use your current release bearing collar (but use a new bearing) on the 63A clutch arm.

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I’m looking at pics of the gearbox n it’s missing the clutch fork and release bearing and the reverse switch. Are those parts hard to find?

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Looks like the 63A uses a different clutch with 24 spline. I have to see if the b310 Auto driveshaft would work. The guy has a b210 one but I know the flange is different


its also missing that plug in the photo


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Clutch friction disc you mean. It's the same pressure plate. Get a B-210 5 speed clutch disc and it should work. I think they are 180mm diameter.



The B-210 automatic and the B-210 63A 5 speed driveshafts are the same.  Same part number for the entire assembly. The 63A is 26" long so this would mean the B-210 automatic is also 26" long.


The 210 manual 4 or 5 speed driveshaft is 1177mm long.

The 210 automatic driveshaft is 1045mm long.

The difference in length is 5.2" or the difference between a 26" and a 31.5" long transmission. Thus the 4 and 5 speeds are 26" and the 3N71B automatic is 31.5" long.

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Awesome info buddy. Thanks. Kinda nervous about buying this tranny. Guy is asking $300. Hopefully it’s in good order and I can find all the missing bits on it

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