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Water pump needed!! L20b // '76 710 coupe

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Searching high and low for a water pump for my L20b ... Runs and cools for now but I know it could be any day.  Help me keep my daily driver on the road!!

Any tips??

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I think the guy on ebay that everyone hates "California Datsun" has water pumps with the cast impeller.... it's just a part not a head or an engine so I think it would be safe.... 

I think its be said to try to find the cast verse stamped impeller....

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ebay has them under aisin wp032  made in Japan  if one uses the 510 pulley and 4 blade fan


dont know spec if you want a 710 one as they could be different as most later datsun have a clutch  and there where 2 types of fans I think for them


maybe this one????


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4 hours ago, LDoubt said:

Searching high and low for a water pump for my L20b ... Runs and cools for now but I know it could be any day.  Help me keep my daily driver on the road!!

Any tips??


Why would you say that? What's it doing?



Three reasons for replacing....


1/ On the front under side of the pump behind the clutch fan unit is a weep hole. If the seal fails it lets the water leak out rather than get into the bearing and cause it to seize up. It's expected that the owner will see this and replace before that happens.


2/ Making noise. Could be the bearing. Nothing you can do about it but replace.


3/ Loose clutch fan. Spin by hand, should turn smoothly but be very firm to turn and immediately stop when you let go no matter how hard you spin it. The silicon oil has leaked out. Again nothing you can do about it but replace.

3a/ Clutch fan bearing has seized causing the fan to NOT slip and turn at excessive speed. Roaring sound like F18 taking off.


The fan and the water pump are integral so if one fails both get replaced. The water pump itself never wears out.



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Reasons to replace

1. Over 75 k miles seems to be the point where they become iffy, especially if coolant was not serviced.

2. Engine has sat a long time. They do not like hibernation and seem to fail shortly after reactivation. 

3. Uncertain of the age and you are taking a long road trip. From when the weep hole starts leaking to full blow out seems to be about 200 miles. 

4. The engine is out of the vehicle and it's been a while since replacement 100X easier that in the vehicle. These are wear parts.

     I have changed them out in my shop and in mosquito filled rest stops in the dark. I prefer my shop.

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