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1980 720 king cab

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You'll probably be redirected to the classifieds.


By your profile description, you're in the NW, so assuming Oregon/Washington.  There are plenty of trucks in that area, which I'd assume plenty of parts trucks or trucks in the junkyards.

That would be your best bet.  There are at least a few guys parting out trucks in the PNW.  If you refine your location, they may be inclined to respond to you

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These trucks don't have a steering rack.  Are you referring to the steering box?  It turns the pitman arm.

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Do what everybody else does and retrofit what you need if your handy. My 82 720 has 2003 power maxima seats, 2005 dual diaphragm booster from a frontier, KAe, c series trans. Honda parts in the power steering ect. You handy?

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I have a 1980 2WD parts truck.  I have the brake booster & the NON power steering box.  Both still in a pretty clean 77k mile truck that was wrecked, so pretty good chance they are good parts!  PM if interested!


You will want to figure out a seat or seats regionally, cuz would need to ship via truck freight otherwise 😆.  A KC has more room for the seat(s) to go back further, so you should be able to fit just about any mini truck bench (narrower than mid size) & just about any pair of buckets!  We us lots of Honda Acura buckets in 510's.  You will likely need to fabricate how something mounts, unless it is a factory seat for the truck.

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Any seats is a little misleading. These trucks need seats that sit very low and to do it right might need a little fab work. Just search the forums for seat ideas. It has been covered dozens of times on here.

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