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Same 521 Troubles


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18 hours ago, datzenmike said:


Fucking environmental crap. Carburetor cleaner used to clean carburetors back in the day. I rebuilt my '70 Dart AFB using Gunk that you mix with water. When I was done my hands were sore from chemical burns. Tried some (new formula!!!!) in the 90s and it was a waste of time and money. Bring back the old days when gas was GAS and everyone was either male or female. There was no gay-ass lite beers and girly wine coolers. When if your feelings were hurt well too fucking bad ya whiny cunt. Asking for a coffee was simple and fast... black or cream? When Canadians weren't sorry all the time.  

Well put.


Try raising young kids with these new rules. Every single day, something comes up that I have to tiptoe around in explaining a situation to my kids, or dealing with the schools or other parents. I almost got into a fight at my little boy's baseball game a couple years ago when I said to nobody in particular "can someone go and smack my kid, because he sure ain't paying attention!" I was joking, but one parent took it literally and called me out with "you should be a better father and we don't hit our children." First thing, telling someone they are a bad parent is grounds for execution. And then you also need to have a sense of humor. Douchebag...

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i had same issue with the b210 i bought from azhitman here in phoenix, it ran great and i took over to brakes plus to have them bleed brakes for me, when i got it back it barely ran and i figured it was gas tank needed to be flushed, did that then it would not run, i  checked plugs and they were dirty and coated with gas/oil, so i changed those, changed plug wires, changed cap n rotor still no run, so i checked for wire connections, vacuum lines, nothing so i had carb rebuilt nothing, so as i was installing carb back onto intake i notice oil leaks at valve cover so i checked and found out bolts were loose, so i bought a new gasket and after i took off cover 4 push rods were bent and someone tried to adjusted it to get it to barely run when i picked it up, i asked azhitman about it and he said it was running great when he had it and when i bought it  so i didn't question it anymore and i bought 5 new tires for it also after i got it from azhitman, so it seems that someone at brakes plus over revved it numerous times and bent push rods then adjusted valves  and they could not bleed brake system also, so luckily i had a extra motor and replace bent rods then reset valve clearance and bam fired right up and ran like a champ, then i after that i sold it. 

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