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1978 a14 intake/exhaust manifold torque

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been doing alittle digging and was just looking for a solid answer, im putting the intake and exhaust back on and need the torque spec and sequence. from what ive read it should be about 10-14 ft/lbs is that right?

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I have the bolts/studs for the L series manifolds as 9-12 ft lbs. These are aluminum heads and will strip easily. Use the lowest number you can.


Don't know if there is a sequence for the A series, the L series does not. I don't think it would matter.

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another question instead of cloggin it up with a new thread, the fuel inlet fitting on the carb is a bit bent and buggered up from a previous "rebuild". do you know if its a standered pipe thread or is it some type of metric. the shop i work at has boxes of AN fittings and enough scraps of line from the racecars that i can build a whole new fuel system with scraps for free.

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Nope its a 90 degree hose barb that had a small meah screen in it but that was smashed when i took it off it looks like pipe thread to me but i dont k ow if japan would have used a diffrent standard  than we did on that

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Nope no gasket thats why i thought it was pipe thread. ive got it back on without the filter in it. It was crushed.  

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i cant speel
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