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Seeing as we don't have a buyer/seller feedback I figured I'd give my recent experience to let my fellow Ratsun members know these guys were straight up and good people to deal with.


sssr20det510: Good guy I picked up a fender and bumper from him and was a good person to work with.


freaky510: Another good guy he came down hung out and helped me diagnose my brake problem and picked up 510er's spoiler a good guy to deal with.


510er: Another good guy easy to deal with didn't meet in person but was friendly enough over the phone

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Farmer: for one, he GAVE me an l16 exh. mani and only charged me for shipping :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Phlebmaster: for the T-housing :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Abe Froman: AWESOME deal on an exh. mani collector, THANKS MAN!!!

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Yeah: freaky510 great guy. mklotz....but does it even have to be said about Mike? Aaron..."the bloodsucker" is a goodin


and of course DatzenMike,eh?! He offered me a fairly uncommon part for free. Not going to say what the part is,for his safety. :rolleyes:




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wanna give a thanks to bagged datsun for the hookup on some parts, he gave me what i needed and then some, for a fair price.. he even held them a while for me, thanks again bagged!!


no problem man as long as i get payed or a good trade im willing to hook anyone up just ask aaron ;)

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Looks like everybody has good feedback they dealt with.

I won't say name but if that someone comes across this....

He wasted my time by gathering up the parts and take pictures and promised that he will follow through with the transaction.

Never to hear back again.

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