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Powerland 2021!


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3 hours ago, skyblue said:

See you there Ray Ray. 

What time will the gates open?


also, are generators allowed?

if you post up where we did last time there is an outlet on the building. I was planning on bringing a long extension cord and surge protector.

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So a buddy and I plan to come down. If its raining, I am taking down my RS, but if the weather looks ok, we will come down in my 72 Z. 

A couple questions I was going to ask on the facebook event, but comments are turned off: 
If I come down in the Z, can I "show" it for a few hours while we are there, and then leave without it being a hassle? 
If I do decide to do that, is there an entrance/gate I should be looking for? 


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I didn’t take any pics other than of my car and my camp site. No idea why.  I’m still here though and It’s fucking raining like mad. I’ll take pics tomorrow if there is anyone else left braving the weather. 

today was a ton of fun. Good to see so many familiar faces again and stunning datsuns of course.





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This is why I go to this event ,, was about 10 last night ( camera pointed at ground to protect the guilty) 



Good people having a good time ,, together . 


Datsuns fuck yeah 





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3 hours ago, hobospyder said:

i showed up at 330 yesterday, you were on your way north already i think. i did look and ask around for you

Aww bummer. I was still there at 3:30 yesterday. I think I may have been napping. Lol. 

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1 hour ago, jbirds510 said:

Id like to thank everyone for coming out and showing support for our community function and the Hosting venue..They were again very pleased with us and have invited us back for yet another year!! PWRLND3.0!


thank you Jay! It was really great seeing old friends and the cars! Really nice cars this year. How was the Sunday turnout? I left early this morning. 

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@skyblueHeck yeah! Good times! it was a wrap by noon, few new cars, laid back, everyone just slowly packed up while chatting about their trips home and making future plans like datsuns around bend and silver falls etc and about the cool details of the cars that were there saturday..overcast finally gave to rain about that time and we all left.

fingers crossed for sunshine next year! atleast the rains were fairly warm this weekend.

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