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Widest wheel possible in front for 510

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15x8 is doable with rolled fenders.   I'm sure if you got super aggressive with the right offset you could fit 8.5" maybe even 9". The rear is the tough part.  The step inside the door on the fender lip will give you some issues.  

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Depends on tire and wheel offset. 

I am running a 15x7 +20 w/ Falken 205/50 tire on it and I need a 10mm spacer to get the tire to clear the strut housing - so essentially a +15 wheel. With that set up and lowered pretty low on T3 conversion coilovers on stock 510 struts I still rub with rolled fenders. If you pulled them you might be able to get something more in there... but 15x8 I would think would be pushing it... 

I really want to run Rota TBTs but they are a 15x8 0 offset and there is no way I can fit them without a really good fender pull or flares. 

Why do you want to go so wide? What engine are you running? Unless your running some big power #s you really dont need anything wider then a 205 tire.

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Get sensible shoes for your 510. Something easy to turn the steering wheel with and not rub and cause blisters. Something that is less likely to aqua plane in the wet on a 2,200 pound car. Altering wheel offset and certainly adding spacers alters your stock scrub radius. Usually positive and for the bad.

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as in my photo  the strut perch welded to the 510 strut.The Perch is welded to where the stock perch was orginal. meaning higher than the tire.

I say again a 510 strut that usues 510 brakes ect.... you can use a a +20-+25 offset rim and fir under the fender.(you can not use the strut spacer under the A arms as it will hit the steering tie rod with a +25 rim).  in the 7in wide series  I have Rota RB 7x15


most poeple use a 280zx strut now for the bigger brakes but have to use a less offset wheel like a +15  but the stuts locate the rim father inside due to the design which tucks it under the fender.


PS this is a 7inch tall spring. Most are 8 inch.  I needed the front lower to get the rake look so I went with a 7 and its all the way down as you can see.with the Gold threaded collar


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here are my ROTAS with +25mm 195/45/15 tires!!!!!!!!!!!!  yes 45series

DONT be putting 205/50s  up from  maybe in the back


15x6in are no proplem


No need to stretch out the fender and ruin another car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the Rota OS which is a afforable SSR Mesh clone. OS came out later otherwise I would have got them.



make sure get alignment after this as the movoment from toe out/in or vise vera is great


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On 3/19/2021 at 8:30 AM, DatDime1972 said:

Hey everybody I was wondering how wide you can go in the front on a 510 sedan 4door? I want some 15" wheels and i will be running t3 coil overs using 510 strut casings. Possibly some camber plates if necessary. I appreciate your guys input in advance. 


As banzai said, the 280ZX (not 280Z) front strut upgrade offers a NARROWER track width than the stock 510 strut, by I think around 1in.......1/2in per side??  That is a GAIN of potential clearance out at the fender, depending on what offset wheel & what size tire, but by narrowing the track width, moving the wheel/tire in, you may very well lose some turning radius, as the tires can rub the inner fender areas on full lock (left or right).  You give & take in numerous areas, especially the larger wheel/tire you go with! 🙄

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I heard and wrote down 3/4" per side. Assuming all spindles are the same lengths, the distance from the outer end to the WMS for the 510 is 41mm for the 280zx it's 57mm a difference of 16mm or 0.6304 or a c hair over 5/8" so take your pick.


Moves the rim/tire in closer to the strut tube/coil spring or perch. But you can space it out or buy rims with a corrected off set.



I might get some push back for saying this but run narrower tires on the front. The brain is tricked into thinking the rears are larger than they are. You really don't need 9" wide front tires on a 510.

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Hey everybody I appreciate the replies! Reason I want 8" wide is because that is what I want to run in the rear and I want to be able to rotate my tires. I would like to run a +0 offset. I saw a post asking if 15x8 +0 would would work on a 510. After reading some of the post I found somebody that mentioned they were running this set up with 280zx struts and some camber plates with a slight roll and pull which I am planning on doing to my car. I will be putting an sr20det in this 510 that will hopefully make somewhere around 270 ponies. 

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If I run these 15x8 +0 offset in the front with 280zx adjustable coilovers and camber plates with a slight roll and pull will I clear any rubbing on my lower control arms or tie rods? I know I will probably clear the fender and inside wheel well seeing as the track width will be narrowed and and my fenders will be slightly modified. Thanks for the advice. 

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Just swap side to side. Slightly narrower on the fronts will be easier to fit and better turning clearance.


Got to figure that one of the tire positions is going to wear more than all the others. For argument sake say the front left (maybe wear on a ball joint, a touch of camber or toe even the crown in the pavement) So you wear the fronts out evenly and replace one pair as opposed to wearing them all out and having to replace all of them. Never saw the sense to wearing all the tires out at the same time. If one tire wears faster than the others, rather than putting a good tire in that position and wearing it out too, find the cause and fix.

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