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Nissan 300zx na cold air intake project

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So I am getting arid of my airbox and going to a cold air intake system I designed. My only thing is do I need to keep my MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) plugged in or will my car run normal without it. If I need to keep it then I’ll have my weld shop fabricate a mount so it will be a part of the build. If I don’t I’ll just say fuck it and sell it to someone else lmao

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It already has a 'cold air intake' system mounted in front of the radiator. You're only going to re-invent the wheel again doing this for little if any gain.


Will you need the MAF?????? Why do you suppose Nissan put one there??? Could it be to tell the EFI computer how much air is passing into the engine so it can work out how much gas to inject????? Disconnect yours and see. Maybe you're onto something.


Sell the car.

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84 or 90 z?


If 90, then yeah you need the MAF, it'll run, but it'll run like shit. The Z (VG30DE) is a finicky bitch when it comes to running right, it has all the typical late 80's early 90's engine sensors and they gotta be in tip top shape. Couple that with the infamous Nissan electrical connector corrosion issues and brittle broken plastic + excessive heat under the hood, you're in for a grand ol' time.


Dielectric grease will be your friend.

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