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280Z W/ L28 Won’t start

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I just bought a 1977 Datsun 280Z and its given me more problems than I could think of. 

the main issue is it won’t start for more than one second, and it only starts if I spray starting fluid into the intake. 

Has spark. Battery is new. Just cleaned the fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump. Blew out the fuel lines. Changed the fuel filter. replaced the ecu. New Fuel injection relay. New Fuses. New fusible links. Starter is good. Distributor is good. Installed fuel pump hardwire kit. oil changed. Oil filter changed. Transmission fluid changed. 

has low fuel pressure. will turn over just fine but won’t start. It’s missing a connector near the firewall on the passenger side but the car has started without it so not sure what that’s for. 

Another issue is none of the lights will turn on. Interior, dash, tail lights, headlights, turn signals, with the exception of the engine bay service bulb. The brake lights did turn on before but now they won’t at all

Car was sitting for 2 years before I bought it. Dash reads 50k miles. 

ive run out of ideas and am almost to the point of selling it and giving up the Datsun dream for good. 

if you can help me get it running or troubleshoot the issues I’ll find a way to repay you









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If the main issue is low fuel pressure, one way to test is with starting fluid. Pull the large inlet hose off the throttle body, open the throttle all the way with one hand and spray some starting fluid into the intake manifold. Then connect the intake hose to the throttle body again. Crank it over and if spark plugs are good and the spark is strong, you'll get it to fire several times. It may even run and rev for about 2 seconds.


Just out of curiosity, you could do a compression test to see if the rings are good and the valves are all closing. If someone did a valve clearance adjustment that is too tight, then lots of valves may not be closing all the way resulting in very low compression on some cylinders.


Make sure you know what the fuel pressure regulator is on the fuel rail. The small hose that connects that to the intake manifold is key to having proper fuel pressure at different throttle positions. It does sound like you have done all the right stuff to get it started so far.

I had similar issue on a L28 turbo... still never figured out the issue on that one (probably spark)

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