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Clean and Lube combo switch Part 1


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The turn signals in my 86 720 sometimes wouldn't come on or stay on and I decided to take the switch apart to clean the contacts and re-lube the moving parts. After doing so, all functions of the switch work like a champ.


The secret is not to take the switch apart any more than necessary to get to the contacts. I took the headlight side all the way apart and it took me a long time to get the high beam section put back together.  


I used sandpaper and alcohol to clean the contacts and lubed any parts that are subject to friction with dielectric grease.


These are the headlight switch side photos. Pieces are missing in the photos because I used a non-working switch to take the pictures after I did mine.

Do not remove the triangular shaped pieces. Clean and sand the bumps on the triangles without disturbing them because putting that section back together is not easy. The second photo in part 2 shows what the pieces look like if you are unlucky enough to have them pop out so you can make sure you have all of the parts.


Not shown is how I cleaned the hazard light switch. Basically you want to pry open the tabs just enough to get the pieces apart. Then clean and lube the contacts inside and bend the tabs back into position. Once you get the hazard switch open it's self-explanatory.



This is part 1 of 2 since I couldn't attach all of the photos I wanted to attach

headlight side 2.jpg

headlight side.jpg

headlight side 3.jpg

headlight side.jpg

headlight side 3.jpg

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