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'66 PL411 Rear Wheel Cylinder Kits?


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Went to bleed the brakes today and the rear drivers side has a puddle. Pulled the wheel cylinder and the seal has a huge chunk out of it. Great. I rebuilt these just a year ago with almost no miles on the car. Crappy rubber I figure. At any rate, is there a good seal kit available? I only see stuff on eBay from unknown origin. Napa or Raybestos or whatever else would be great.


Thanks, Derek

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I only use Napa parts and just recently rebuilt all 4 of my wheel cylinders on my truck.  Only items that needed replacing were the rubber caps which I purchased at Napa.  So far, so good.


On a side note, you have a 4 speed on the column, correct?  If so, how in the world do you find reverse?  I am taking her out on her maiden voyage this week after working on her for a year.

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On 3/18/2021 at 1:13 PM, bananahamuck said:

Switch out to 70-72 510 ..  you will need to change your cars end to metric or use adapter , but much cheaper and easier in long run . 

about $6. On rockauto 

Great idea. I found some on fleabay for $53, which is a drag, but already bought them and rebuilt the cylinders. Will do the swap at some point when I install Mike's front brake kit. Thanks for the idea though for when these inevitably fail.

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15 hours ago, derekg said:

 Thanks for the idea though for when these inevitably fail.


It just may be a long time until failure.  My rear brakes [1967 411] are the original ones and show no signs of deterioration  of rubber parts after 54 years.  Preventive maintenance is the key.  Drain and flush will pay off in a long life.  Also keep the brakes in adjustment.  That stud is a quarter inch square drive.  Use quarter inch socket backwards and a quarter inch Allen wrench, no rounding off of the adjuster.

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