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69 wagon rear seat

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hey guys,


overhauling the interior of the wagon. Got some new OMP seats for the front and thinking I might want to replace the back seat with something similar. Anyone ever bought a new aftermarket bench that requires little to no fabrication?



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Wasn't trying to be a jerk or even sarcastic for that mater.  I've just never seen any aftermarket bench seats - only singles.  Did you try google?


Corbeau makes at least one but these look like something that you would mount in a truck, not something that conforms to the back of a car






I have seen a 90's Sentra interior installed in a 510 sedan, the rear seat fit pretty well.  But the wagon is a different story since the folding rear seat makes up the seat back - the sedans have structure between the rear shock towers that the seat rests on.


Is your seat missing?  If not, I suggest getting it re-uphostered in something that compliments your new front seats.

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sorry man. I took response wrong. apologies.


yes, I was looking at those, but they won't fit. I'll look into the 90"s sentra. Thanks for the info! 



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...could have been from an early 2000s model.  I don't know Sentras well.  I think they took the front and rear seats from an SE-R?


I'd say there is nothing magic about a Sentra in this case.  Any similar sized sedan or wagon with a rear seat may fit with some creativity.



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