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Shift lever options for the 720s?


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.... One of the things I loved about my 521 & 620 "L-series" dattos was all the different shifter arms I could find. Different bends, different heights, all that.

I'm new to 720's and haven't really started messing with mine that much yet (but what's there to do besides drive it?)-

But the shift-lever that is in there, to me, is ... displeasing.

It's short, it gets wide at the bottom (for no reason), and it sorta looks like it's out of a sports car.


I want a TRUCK gear shift lever.


You know, a big tall chrome one that puts the (middle) 3rd passenger completely in the way for 2nd & 4th, when you shift it feels like rowing a boat.


I haven't even looked at it yet, 

how easy will it be to find a cooler shift lever?

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You are probably going to have to make one. When I swapped to the C series trans it came with a much longer hardbody shifter and i get what you mean. I like the long bent way back shifter. Reminds me of the old jeeps. 

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I think the middle one is from an S110 top from a 620? and bottom from a 720..... I think. The thicker ones are two piece separated by rubber for vibration dampening. The bottom ones also have the improved bushings. The bottom one you can 180 to move the shifter knob away or closer.




I cut a few up and extended the portion with the ball that fits the plastic cup, basically moving the fulcrum pin up which shortens the throw.




Then drilled the pin hole the same amount higher...





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