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What other springs fit on a 280z? I’m wanting to lower the car about 2 inches

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Hello, I have a 78 280z that I’m wanting to lower about 2 inches. I have the rear end torn apart, stock springs off, and new struts in. I was originally going to just cut the stock springs, but my dumb*** accidentally nicked the next coil when I cut it. 

I’ve heard of someone using Honda Accord springs, and I think chevette springs? Could be wrong about that. 

Im fine with having to cut the new ones too. This car is not used for autocross or hard runs, just a fun cruiser. Thanks!

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Are you aware that cutting a spring shorter makes it stiffer? This might be to your advantage as stock springs are always a compromise on the soft or comfortable side. Beware, once cut you can't go back if too stiff a ride. If cutting try 1/4 coil at a time. In addition, lowering an IRS suspension will camber the rear wheels tilting the tops inward. That can't be good for handling.

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Yes, I am aware of the increased spring rate and camber. Thank you. Just trying to figure out what other springs I can use, because I already messed up the oem ones

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A nick won't matter unless 1/2 way through.  Have you lowered the fronts? What spring rate did you settle on there? Rears should somewhat match the fronts. Everything affects everything else. Accords and Chevettes are pretty light cars so unlikely they will be equal to a Z car. Blindly cutting or replacing springs with the sole aim of only lowering the car could end up being a non fun cruiser.

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Homework is in order. Cutting a spring to lower a car will get you lower but you have no control over stiffness. The chance of ride height and firmness being exactly what you want is unlikely. You need to know what your spring rate is right now. I would advise firmer as you car being lower is more at risk of bottoming out.  How much firmer will tell you how much to trim away from the stock spring. Possibly the nicked part will be in the cut off portion. The lower spring perch can be cut away and allowed to slide down the strut tube to get your ride height correct. The perch is then supported in place with a pair of $20 2" split collars under them.


Here's a front strut tube and spring. Ride height is adjustable and cost $25 Canadian.



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Please spend the money on a good quality lowering spring set!  Cutting springs rarely has the good outcome that most want.  Some people ONLY want stance/lowering, not concerned about ride quality!  Ever seen the Civic's & Integra's driving down the road BOUNCING?  Those are either cut springs or crap quality lowering springs or crap quality coilovers!  My 2c 😐

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Mike, thanks for the write up. This is what I ended up doing, and it’s working well. Now just to bleed the brakes and be done with the suspension for a while!

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Lowering the front will add toe in to the steering. It will also add some bump steer. When one tire goes over a dip or a bump you may feel the steering wheel tug as the wheel goes further out of alignment. Adding bump steer spacers between the bottom of the strut and the steering knuckle will solve both problems.

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Thanks for the info. I noticed the rear has some camber, and possibly some toe in. I’m going to take it to a shop to get it aligned, are there any parts I should add before doing that? I’m not worried about the small amount of camber, but I’d like to have the toe in removed

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