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620 Brake swap to D21 Questions (more like verify what I hope I already know)


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I'm in the middle of piecing together my front brake system and I have seen a few threads/videos that mention this but here's where I am:


I have the Hub/Spindle/Brake parts from a 1995 4cyl 2wd Nissan D21 - these are single piston calipers


I'm trying to verify that the V6 2wd dual piston calipers and mounting brackets from D21/Pathfinders will bolt directly to the above mentioned configuration without the need of the spindle/hubs from these. I can't get a definite yes from what I've seen online and I thought I'd ask before I just order the parts and hope for the best...Thanks!



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Im pretty sure it is the V6 brakes, not the 4 cyl. But not 100%. I'll text Jason and see what he says...


I just bought the big brake adapters from Bee, so I'm going to run Z32 calipers next. I also swapped my brake booster from the non-factory 7' to the correct 4 inch model, it's a great compromise if you dont like an over assisted pedal.

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I just looked at the pics of calipers on RockAuto.com and I'm 100% certain that the V6 calipers are the correct ones. I definitely have two piston as shown on the V6...NOT the single pistons shown for a 4cyl.

They bolted right up, but I used BellTech drop spindles.


Here ya go...



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