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dash color

Cliff D

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4 hours ago, difrangia said:

I believe that dashes were body color and instrument surround panel was medium gray.

The gauge surround is really hard to paint match. It's like a pewter grey with a slight touch of metallic. But everything I've tried is either too metallic or not metalic at all. I just got a second surround from Ted H so I can experiment a little.

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I redid the gages on our 320 several years ago and this is the result. I had an original gage surround scanned and matched and this is what I came up with:




This is the match that my guys found  in Martin Senyour paint.



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My 65 320 is an asia pacific version (Right drive) and has what is now a dark green crackle dash finish, to contrast with the dark teal original paint colour. 

I understand that there was also a pale grey crackle finish, for the lighter colours.  1965 only for the crackle finished dash as far as I can tell...

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3 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

My '65 320 had a black wrinkle coated dash. My '63 NL320 had a body colored dash.


I didn't know you had an NL. What happened to it?


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I sold it about 15 years ago. I tried to track it down again, but never got anywhere with it. If any of you come across a blue NL with an A14 in it, that's probably my old one, and I'd love to see where it is or who owns it...and if it's for sale! I had dual SUs on it when I owned it, and the motor was fresh. I think the guy I sold it to shelved it so it could even be in a landfill for all I know.

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