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620 light resto: door seals, carpets, interior parts ... In Europe!

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Hi all I recently picked up my first Datsun, a 620 King Cab 5 speed. 

The body is remarkably solid so I'm just turning my attention to the interior and making it water tight, the door seals are perished and have rotten out some of the interior trim. 


Firstly, are new door seals available? I haven't seem to come across anything in my searches.... 

Secondly, carpets: same question. 


I suppose more generally, where do 620 owners source most of the parts, are there aftermarket retailers/manufacturers out there for these trucks.. or is it all digging through eBay and other private seller sites. 


Cheers from Ireland. 










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A solid 620 is an amazing find! Have a real good look at some critical points for rust - the cab mounts are very prone to rust, there once was a cab mount where that big hole is.


And look up under the dash at where the firewall, inner fender & cowl meet up.


Water was supposed to drain from the cowl through that opening, but I suspect silt eventually creates a dam and voila you get rust through to the inside of the cab. Likely a good source of the water that eventually results in the floor rusting through.



Mechanical parts aren't hard to find, here in North America you can find pretty much anything on RockAuto, and the dealer can still supply many bits. eBay will be necessary for lots of other things, and it seems like anything rubber is sourced from Thailand. Body parts are the hardest thing to find globally and are becoming very scarce.

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thanks all !!


I wasnt getting any notifications of the replies so I didn't login for a while, but really apprecaite your input. 


@EDM620 I'll take some pictures, I think you'll be impressed 🙂


@Julian Leonardo thank you for the links! doors seals are my biggest concern atm - as you might imagine, Irish weather doesnt mix will with perished seals/rubbers. 


@Drakerthanks for the input - I'll be keeping an eye on various part shops and platforms. 



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When all else fails for door [and sometimes windw / windscreen] rubber weather seals, go to Steelrubberproducts,com .  If you plow through their listing far enough you will find an offer of a sample sheet of actual rubber seals to check fit and function before ordering.   Slainte !

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