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Wheels/Rims pic request? What choo running?


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So I'd love to see some of the mini-truck wheels/rims folks on here are running.


I had "big N littles" on my 620 (the back wheels were like a foot wide,), and they looked BOSS... But dang, gas mileage sucked.


I wasn't into mini-trucks "back-in-the-day", so I gotta get my schooling now eh?

So what's cool?


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In the wheels and tires section there is whole thread on truck rims.  I've personally run isuzu rodeo 15x8s and western wheel turbines 15x10 on my 4x4.  There are some sweet mesh rims from isuzu troopers that charlie69 has.


Otherwise check out that wheels thread.

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Thank you Lockleaf for the mention on the wheels.


I have 5 of these Isuzu trooper wheels for sale if any one is interested.  Please contact me by PM if interested.  I will place an ad in the Ratsun classifieds.  I need to check the with of these wheels.DSC02833.jpgictures are with the on my 66 520 with the 80 720 chassis. $250 plus shipping, local pickup welcome.









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   That's exactly what I was talking about, those rims are KILLER! Never would have thought cool rims would be from an Isuzu-

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I ran these for a short time on my 86 king cab while waiting for tires for the factory 720 ST wheels in the second picture.







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i personally love those ST aluminum rims .Too bad nissan did not make them in a 15 inch variety for my 4x4 . i scored some old american racing rims from the 80's with unique holes (12)i cant show them off in pics yet . maybe some day ! lol 

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