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piston and block stamping


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The main difference in Japan built Austins was metric wheel studs and wheel nuts.  If you needed to change a tire and had only a western [SAE] wheel wrench you had to put a US dime on a nut flat for it to work.  Put a premium in keeping the tool kit whole or carrying US coins in your pocket.

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On 3/20/2021 at 11:44 PM, debbheff@gmail.com said:

continuing, i've started it a couple of time and no smoking although run time was seconds.  still sorting out coolant and heater hoses and still havnt got fuel tank back from shop.  on to other things front brakes redone as well as new fulcrum pins, did i mention i discovered the big Healy fulcrum pins are the same as the Datsun pins.  good info for anyone searching for pins, and cheap also, relatively speaking that is.


I just started a thread looking for cotter bolts that wedge into the fulcrum pin. If these sets are the same I know everyone posting on that thread would want to hear more! 

I am also looking for a rebuild kit for my fulcrum pins so this would be an amazing find 

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Try moss motor sports.  once at the site select shop by model and select the big healy's  100, 100-6, 3000.  left menu select suspension then front suspension, part number 52 is the cotter bolt and i believe it will work, no guarantees because i havnt tried that part.  i did buy the fulcrum pin part 65 and it is a direct replacement for the datsun fulcrum pin.  i suspect the other parts 68 and 70 and the seals 69 will work also.

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