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Grafting FC RX-7 subframes.


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I've searched the threads and can't find anything on this. I've heard of a guy who grafted Miata subframes into his 520, but haven't seen anything about an RX-7. The only reason I'm doing this is because I'm building on a budget and I happen to have an '86 RX-7 with no drivetrain and a trashed body and interior that was given to me for free. I'm no stranger to fab work and am confident that I can make it work but I was just wondering if anyone had already tried and what to look out for. Final product will be a '67 Datsun 520 with '86 RX-7 subframes and a KA24DE (maybe turbo) with a 5 speed. Any help would be appreciated. Please don't make any other suggestions on engine and trans, these are what I've decided on. Thanks guys.

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You will need to combine some research.  You need to look to see if anyone has installed a KA in the gen RX7 you have.  That will tell you a great deal about the engine install that you need to know.  None of us are RX7 experts at all, so an RX7 forum may be a better starting place for all your questions.  I don't believe I have seen RX7 subframes installed in any datsun.  Most I have seen is an RX7 solid axle swapped in to some datsuns.

For what its worth, I bought a Miata for $100.  It was missing almost the complete shell, but suspension, brakes, etc was all complete minus steering rack.  Its not the only one that cheap  I have seen.  You might be better off to sell off what you can from the RX and buy a miata.  Then you can follow much of Bob3s build.  And I wouldn't be surprised if there have been some KA swaps in Miatas that would give you good info on the engine to subframe fitment side of things.

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